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Supervision & Mentoring

Supervision is focused on mentoring and supporting fellow therapists' practice. This can be offered via one-off consultancy sessions around a particular issue or as regular monthly supervision sessions as required by most regulatory bodies. An initial meeting is arranged to discuss the supervisee s requirements after which the agreement for any forthcoming work can be arranged.


All supervision is offered via Telephone or Online 

  • zoom, skype and FaceTime
  • telephone
  • In Person 

In today's busy world with increasing amounts of people choosing to live and work in different countries and/or commute long distances to work, it is considered important to take advantage of the technology that is available and make accessible the varied forms of supervision as outlined here.Telephone and online supervision is becoming increasingly popular due to the flexibility of both time and place offered by this way of working. Of course COVID 19 has made this Mose of working essential for many people by way of keeping up with their therapy or supervision.


Supervision is offered to a variety of professionals across several different professional groups and at different stages in their professional development:

  • qualified practitioner psychologists: specifically counselling, clinical, health or forensic
  • qualified psychotherapists and counsellors
  • social work practitioners
  • clinical nurse specialists
  • psychiatrists and trainee GPs


Fees follow same format as with the therapy fee schedule, though people are generally self funded when engaging in supervision. Occasionally there is a 3rd party funding the work eg the Supervisee's employer.

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