Telephone and Skype Online Sessions

Telephone and online working is an increasingly popular service as people are busier and move around more than ever with additional pressures for finding time for thinking and talking through things.

It is flexible and powerful to provide counselling to meet your needs in that it offers the possibility of talking in the privacy of your own environment and works across times and even time zones, making international working a possibility.

People can sometimes feel freer talking on the phone about their personal problems or life crises via tele or skype sessions as it can offer a degree of anonymity or at least a distance which is sometimes comforting when feeling powerful feelings.

The first session we speak we will talk through what your concerns maybe and how counselling may be able to help you. We also start the process as soon as we can so that you leave the first session whether face2face or via other media with something to help you in your life!

Usual fees for 1-off sessions and pay as you go sessions are payable direct into Jordan Consultancy bank account on accessing the counselling. Details are available when needed. A receipt will be emailed as soon as funds are cleared. Fees are as seen on the fees page on this site.

Shorter telephone and online sessions are sometimes a preference for top up sessions in between face2face sessions if it is not possible to meet. Also some people sometimes simply prefer a shorter session as a less emotionally intense experience and a way of acclimatising or trying out telephone and online counselling.