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What can I expect?

Some people will already have had a free 15 minute consultation over the telephone to discuss their concerns so some of the following will already be addressed. Otherwise, at the first appointment you will be asked about your current concerns, what led up to them and what you are hoping for from therapy. We take a brief history of your earlier life to see if it seems to be impacting on the present.

What kind of therapy will it be?

Therapy is based on an integration of approaches or focused on one particular therapy if so indicated:

  • humanistic therapy, particularly client centred 
  • psychodynamic therapy
  • cognitive-behavioural therapy 

What about confidentiality?

Material discussed will be confidential unless there are serious concerns about safety, either your own or someone else’s. In this case further support may be accessed as appropriate, preferably in discussion with the client or Supervisee. In accordance with professional guidelines for good practice, therapists are required to attend regular consultancy with a colleague for their work in which key aspects will be discussed. However, the identity of clients remains anonymous.

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