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Various including:

  • Integrative relational
  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • person-centred therapy
  • interpersonal counselling
  • mindfulness


Therapy and counselling is provided online and telephone via 




telephone counselling


  • from 18 years 
  • individuals
  • counselling psychologists in training

Length of Traditional Sessions:

Therapy and supervision sessions are usually for 60 minutes and after an initial assessment meeting a plan is developed. This plan will be reviewed regularly.

Please note the cancellation policy

Timescale of sessions:

Again this is customised to client need and availability and whichever timescale is agreed upon the work is reviewed regularly to maximise focus and effectiveness in the work.

Therefore the work may be anything between a one-off session and 2 years.

Frequency :

  • weekly
  • alternate weeks
  • monthly

Many people find it useful to have some time between sessions to 'live life' and be able to put into practice insights and learning from therapy.

For these people alternate weeks or something similar is most effective. Some prefer weekly sessions which are available with the usual parameters of bank holidays and annual leave. This is most common when people are in crisis or are dealing with very complex issues.

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